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Kitchen Sink Fabrications can handle museum exhibits, sets, prototypes, moldmaking, casting, custom carving, ornamental and architectural items, props, technical drawings and design work- you name it and we can do it!

Kitchen Sink principal, Stephen Binasiewicz, has been a sculptor for twenty years, tackling such challenges as a scale model reproduction of Mt. Rushmore (yes, Mt. Rushmore!), an exact replica of a K4 locomotive, and the Mad Hatter, among many, many other equally exciting jobs. He is a member of IATSE Local 52 and has extensive set experience, including designing, building and art directing sets and props for commercials. In addition, Kitchen Sink Fabrications employs some of the most talented sculptors, moldmakers, special effects people, carpenters, and painters in the region. They work in a range of media - foam, clay, wood, metal, resins, rubbers, plastics and fiberglass.

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